District Hemp 500mg Shatter
District Hemp 500mg Shatter

District Hemp 500mg Shatter

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The District Hemp Shatter is made with 99.9% pure hemp extract. Infused with all- natural terpenes, our 0.5g shatter is available in a variety of different, popular strains. Enjoy the uplifting effects of a Sativa strain or the mellowing and relaxing effects of an Indica strain without the psychoactive effects associated with illegal "marijuana." Get relief and still function! 

This product has 0% THC. 500mg (0.5g)

PINEAPPLE EXPRESS: a Sativa with a focus and energizing effect followed by a relaxation sensation. Has a sweet, tropical, cedar and citrus flavor. 

GREEN CRACK: a Sativa with an energizing and uplifting effect. Has a citrus, earthy flavor. 

GORILLA GLUE#4: a Hybrid with an uplifting, energizing and physical relaxation effect. Has an earthy pine flavor. 

GIRL SCOUT COOKIES: a Hybrid with a joyful, euphoric and focus quality to it. Has a sweet, spicy and floral flavor. 

OG KUSH: a Hybrid with a motivating and stress reducing effect accompanied by improved focus. Has an earthy wood flavor. 

BLUE DREAM: a Hybrid with a euphoric, cerebral and energizing effect. Very good for mood elevation. Has a sweet, bears, earthy flavor.

STRAWNANA: a Hybrid with a relaxed,happy and appetite inducing effect. Has a sweet strawberry flavor. 

GRANDDADDY PURP: an Indica with a physical relaxation effect accompanied by an increase in appetite. Has a sweet, earthy flavor. 

BLUEBERRY KUSH: an Indica that slowly brings on a heavy body sensation and helps with pain and inflammation followed by a relaxing effect. Has a very fresh Berry flavor.  

Ingredients: 99% CBD and Terpenes